Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Miscellaneous Techniques

Don't do the followings:
   Ø  Don't keep hidden text on your web pages.
   Ø  Don't create alt image spamming by putting wrong keywords.
   Ø  Don't use Meta tags stuffing.
   Ø  Don't use frames and flash on your site.
   Ø  Don't exchange your links with black listed sites.
   Ø  Don't try to fool your site visitors by using miss spelled keyword.
   Ø  Don't send spam emails to thousands of email IDs.
   Ø  Don't use too much graphics on your site.
   Ø  Don't create too many doorway pages.
   Ø  Don't try to create duplicate content of pages.
   Ø  Don't submit your website many times in a single search engine.
   Ø  Don't use sub-directory depth more than 1-2.
   Ø  Don't create too many dynamic pages. Try to convert them into static pages.
   Ø  Don't bloat your pages with code.


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